Church 23rd Anniversary Celebration October 23rd

Burning of Mortgage and Catered Lunch
               Everyone invited

Pig Roast February 20, 2022

     Coming November 13

Chili Cook Off and Car Show

     after church on Sunday

               Free to All

Pig Roast 3.jpg
Pig Roast 1.jpg
Pig Roast 5.jpg
Pig Roast 4.jpg

Ray shot a wild pig and served lunch after church.

Thanks to everyone who helped prepare and serve.

Michelle and Sara deciding
Salina choosing
Tracie and Ray
Band Guest
More Band guest
Still more band
Brenda's Daughter and Granddauter
Jeff and Murio
Ricky and Marilyn
Pat again

Chicken Luncheon
   May 15, 2022

FF 1.jpg
FF 2.jpg

Fish and Chicken Fry March 20